Gostujući treneri/ce

Monica Westberg

Invited trener

Senior Supervisor in social care, mental care, schools and the business sector, in Psycho / Socio and related issues. On 1987, she started a foundation in Sweden that cooperate psychodrama with the University Skondal Ersta in Stockholm, and also established Norwegian psychodrama foundation in 1986. Together with colleagues from other countries in Europe she established the FEPTO – the Federation of European psychodrama training organization. She is a member of the research committee within FEPTO.

Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska

Invited trainer and supervisor

Psychologist, psychodrama and Gestalt psychotherapist, president of the Association of Psychologists of Macedonia, founder, trainer and supervisor of the Association of AMIGDALA – a psychotherapeutic school.

Nikos Takis

Invited trener

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychodrama trainer. Member of the Board of the Association of Greek Psychologists, Research Associate at the Department of Psychology at the University of Athens. Director Institute ENDHA.